Haiti Fundraising Party at TU Berlin


We are working for the preparation of our new project in Haiti where we’ll work with 30 families to build 30 house improvements. For this project, we will be hosting a fundraising Party at TU Berlin (Straße des 17. Juni 152 10623 Berlin) on Wednesday the 30th of April, where all of you are invited. The kick off will be a small barbecue from 15 o’clock, with Tacos for 1,50€ and from around 21 o’clock, how people traditionally do at Walpurgisnacht in Berlin, you can “dance into the Mai“ with all of us!

Select your pledge amount

  • 10 Backers

    Can buy one brick

  • 10 Backers

    Can buy a bag of cement

  • 8 Backers

    Can give one week wages to one of our local partners

  • 16 Backers

    Can buy a front door

  • 9 Backers

    Can buy a window

  • 5 Backers

    Can build a roof

  • 5 Backers

    Can repair and reinforce a house with minor damage

  • 6 Backers

    Can repair and reinforce a house with major damage

  • 5 Backers

    Can reconstruct a house for one family