Construction well underway


We just came back from a trip in the mountains, recharging our batteries for the next exhausting weeks. In a couple of days we will be finishing Kay 1,5 and 6 with incredible results. We will try to post pictures of them, but our internet cable burnt down three days ago and we still haven’t managed to replace it. Let’s get an overview of what last week brought to La Fewone:


Kay 1: even if Maca and Armin went through a big disagreement with Darling and Johnny, the owners of the house, they finished laying the roof, fixed doors and windows of the extension, opened the wall to connect the old house and the extension, they plastered all the inner walls and built a lintel above the old door. Next step: plastering the outside walls and.. Finished!


Kay 2: after discovering more and more pillars with only one iron as reinforcement, Ampa, Fari and Felix replaced them all and began the wall construction. They also prepared the iron for the ring beams, which is a long and detailed job since the beams are about 9 metres long. Still a lot of work to do, but great progress!



Kay 3: Ilektra, Maëlle and the workers managed to fill in all the gabion walls, which are just missing the plastering. It looks amazing and we are really happy that we managed to build with a different technique that shows that concrete blocks are not the only option.



Kay 5: Sarah went yesterday back to Germany and didn’t manage to see the house finished, but almost! Coline and her finished the structural reinforcement, which was a critical state of the house, adding a ring beam and two lintels above the doors and window. They also started the finishing by fixing the doors and starting the plastering. Next step: flooring and colour plaster!




Kay 6: Emily and Natalia had a turning point in the development of the work. The family, after seeing some of the results, started to get really involved with the construction process and seem more than happy. The atmosphere of the house completely changed, they opened a back door, supported by a new pillar and a lintel, which brings light and ventilation to the house. They also managed to plaster the three missing walls and began the construction of a small inner wall. Great success!


We hope to be able to start the work in Kay 7 and 10 by the middle of next week and soon move to Woche Blanch. The links with the workers become stronger every week, leading to really good moments of productive work and laughter, but also to really hard moments of disagreements about construction techniques, assignments of the tasks and struggle over the work. Anyway they all learn from each other and the students are becoming more confident and capable of dealing with the decision making and the strong character of the Haitian volunteers.


We now realise that we won’t be able to rebuild the 30 houses in by the end of September, but most likely by the end of the year, and even if not, the huge difference brought to each house, give sense to the project.

Thank you again and always for your interest and support. we began organising the rewards for the indiegogo campaign, you should know is not too late to donate, and receive one of this fantastic Haitian gifts. Now the campaign is over but the donations can be done through the Rebuild Haiti Homes webpage:


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